How much do you charge for an event?

I base my pricing on the duration, setting, and distance of the performance. My rates also take into account maintenance of the harp, strings, and the cost of new music. For information on pricing contact me at adriannawolaver@gmail.com or 770-377-3654. I'll be happy to answer any questions!

If we decide to hire you, what happens next?

I will need to receive a signed contract and 50% deposit to secure our agreement for your event. If you are hiring me for a wedding, I provide all brides with an in-person or Skype consultation where you can hear the harp and make musical selections for the ceremony. You are welcome to bring other members of the wedding party to the consultation as well.  For weddings, we usually take care of the contract and deposit during the consultation. For other engagements, I will email you a blank contract to fill out and return to me.

How do we choose the music?

For a wedding ceremony, you can choose the program order at your consultation. I will play a variety of different pieces for you to choose from.  For other types of parties and events, you do not need to choose specific songs, unless there are special requests you'd like to make.   Simply tell me what genres you would like me to play, and I will be happy to accommodate.

Do you take special requests?

Yes! I am always expanding my repertoire and enjoy learning new music. If you have a particular song in mind and don't see it on my song list, I'd most likely be happy to learn it. I ask for at least 3 weeks advanced notice to learn the piece. 

Do you play outside?

Yes, I frequently perform outdoors. If your event is outside, I will ask for a description of the area in which I will be performing.  It is important for the harp to be set up on level, dry ground.  The harp is very sensitive to heat and cold. Being exposed to extreme temperature can cause permanent damage to the instrument. The harp must be in the shade if temperatures are above 85º F. I cannot perform outdoors if the temperature falls below 60º F.  It is very important to have a backup plan for inclement weather such as rain, thunderstorms, extreme heat, or ice/snow.

What kind of harp do you play?

I perform on a Lyon and Healy 85E Semi Grand. It has 46 strings, is almost six feet tall, and weighs nearly 80 lbs. It is made from maple and is stained with a mahogany finish. Her nickname is Molly Brown!

How do you move that thing?!?

The harp is moved with a custom hand truck/dolly. It also has a three piece cover to protect it from bumps, scrapes, and rain. I drive a Prius and lie the harp flat in the back on top of a cushion.   

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